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What is iiFocus?

Have you recently (or always) been thinking a lot about how short your time is and how you need to manage it better? Or, have you been looking for some ways to help you avoid distractions and focus on what you are doing, but without getting yourself exhausted? Or, do you have to juggle many tasks everyday but you cannot properly get any of them done? We have all been there!

We have created iiFocus to solve these very problems. So, if you are a student sharing your time between study and work, an employee with many deadlines and deliverables or a freelancer having to manage your time more wisely than others, iiFocus is probably what you need. Based on Pomodoro technique, this time management and productivity app is built upon on our own experience, continued research and experiments and on the shortcomings of existing tools.

What is special about iiFocus?

iiFocus is built around four principles: simplicity, flexibility, expressiveness and effectiveness. These principles lead to an application with several unique features.


iiFocus is simple to use. Almost everything is in one screen and after you install it you can start working straight away. It also has a concise quick start guide which will help you step by step how to use the app best.


Like other similar apps, iiFocus lets you customize the duration of focus and break. But, unlike others, you can do it right beside the timer. Even more interestingly, it offers in-session time adjustment, where you can adjust the time spans while the timer is running and it applies it right away. This can come handy in situations like when you need to extend the current focus time or when you are done early and want to take an early break.


iiFocus implements on-the-clock timer, meaning that the timer is shown on a real clock so that you can see what time you have started and what time you will finish. It has a unique intuitive way of representing the passage of time and the time left. So, what happens if you choose a time span longer than one hour? Don't worry. It is handled elegantly; you will notice how when you use it.


Our research shows that people start the timer but neglect it after a while. iiFocus introduces the new concept of Idle Phase which is a penalty-like mechanism and encourages you to attend the timer regularly. All you need to do is manually start another session right after the current one finishes or it will be reflected in your daily report. You can find out more details in the quick start guide inside the app.

You can see the quick start guide to discover more about how iiFocus works.

The Horizon

We have ambitious targets for iiFocus, but we strongly believe we will meet them. Why so confident? Because iiFocus has helped ourselves to effectively manage our own time and we are confident it will help others as well. Also, we actively work on it and more importantly listen to our users to find out how we can make it even better. Last but not least, we have secret plans for the future versions which will make this app outstanding! Wait and you will see.

You can tell us what you think from inside the app.

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